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Evergreen Website & Dashboard

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Evergreen is German based fintech company for financial planning, retirement planning and capital investment, where transparency and fair prices are paramount. Their expert will optimize your investment to reach your financial goal.

Meet The Team

About This Project

Evergreen is expected to be growing, so it is important to keep the consistency about how to handle this website design. I personally joined this project while this project is already half way to be launched back then. 

Marcus and Shalika worked on User Experience and make sure the design fit with Evergreen company branding. And Pilar did awesome job with UI Styleguide & UI Elements. And then I joined the team to back-up Pilar handling the UI design. As I mentioned before – this project is growing, next I had the chance to help designing UI login/register form, on-boarding journey, questionnaire, and the results pages.

Screen Previews

Some screen previews I’ve made in this project.

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