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Fenuza Muslim Wear

Fenuza Muslim Wear is modest fashion wear from Bandung, Indonesia. Start from home business lead by Nurshoffa, now Fenuza Muslim Wear has many reseller and loyal customer across Indonesia.

About this project

Year : 2015

Back then Fenuza was focused on shabby chic style for fashion items & mukena (clothes used to pray on women). Now, as Fenuza evolve, the style was modernized to follow the market trends. Here I use old Fenuza logo when I worked with Fenuza , you might found different logo for Fenuza but it’s still the same brand (owned by Nurshoffa).

How we manage to work together:

We work remotely with me in Medan, North Sumatera and Fenuza Team in Bandung, West Java. Fenuza Team shared the model photo, the details of fabrics, and sometimes another request to diversify Instagram posts (like quiz, quotes, etc) and I design the Instagram post and delivered them via email/gdrive.


Vriske Rusniko
Vriske Rusniko

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