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Dissy is signature beauty products of Indonesian couple Ussy Sulistiawaty & Andhika Pratama.
Dissy has wide range of products from skincare products to cosmetic products aiming to beautify Indonesian women.

About this project

Year : 2016

I work with Dissy when Dissy still in the growing phase and almost everything campaign was made by Ussy herself. Even though we were working remotely (Ussy in Jakarta, and I was in Medan), we were able to deliver Instagram content to promote the product. However, along with time Dissy team in Jakarta has grown and the company has its own in-house designer and I myself still want to continue being a freelancer, all the campaign material was handover smoothly to the new designer. I’m happy to be part of this growing project and continue to serve Dissy as extra helping hand when design stuff was overload or out of hand.

How we manage to work together:

Since brand headquarter located in Jakarta, and me in Medan and not to mention Ussy schedule as celebrity was busy too, I also handle some simple photoshoot for catalogue and social media post. The products was delivered to Medan, I took product photos and edit them as per requested. Sometimes Ussy took a beauty shoot with famous photographer and deliver the photos to be used as image materials.

For this photoshoot the idea was to use digital imaging to add splash so the fresh image for facial wash could be achieved.


Vriske Rusniko
Vriske Rusniko

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