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Ministry of Finance (Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia) is a government agency responsible for managing the country’s finances and state assets. They play a crucial role in driving Indonesia’s economic growth and stability through policy development, revenue collection, and public spending allocation. From tax administration to national budgeting, the Ministry of Finance ensures the efficient and responsible use of Indonesia’s financial resources.

About this project

Year : 2022

E-Performance is a module within the Satu Kemenkeu application, a centralized platform for the Indonesian Ministry of Finance (MoF). This module empowers users to create strategic maps and annual action plans, enabling them to effectively monitor and evaluate the performance of each unit or bureau within the ministry.

My roles in the project:

  • Understanding user needs based on regulation, ministerial decree, etc
    • Identify user pain points 
    • Identify desired functionalities
  • Designing high-fidelity UI
    • Developing a consistent visual style for the E-Performance module that aligns with the Ministry of Finance’s branding guidelines
    • Prototyping


Design Team

Vriske Rusniko
Vriske Rusniko

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